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Can't telnet with AOL? There are three ways to get on the real Internet using AOL.

Option #1: Install AOL 6.0, it now gives a usable Internet connection.

Option #2: Uninstall the AOL client program (the one you click on the triangle to get online) and install an early version instead. AOL 1.5 works. Then when you are forced to upgrade while online, you will still have a proper TCP/IP stack, meaning you get onto the real Internet. You can get Aol 1.5 and Aol 1.0 from http://www.aol-files.com

Option #2: Don't even use the AOL client program. If you use Windows 95/98, go to Control Panel --> Network and make sure you are running Client for Microsoft Networks, Dial-Up Adapter, and TCP/IP-->Dial-Up Adapter. Under TCP/IP-->Dial-Up Adapter click Properties and then get tech support at AOL to help you fill in everything. If they won't help you, under DNS Configuration tab, choose Enable DNS and put in these guys for your DNS servers: and They belong to Vincent Larsen of http://www.thirdpig.com. Then on the IP Address tab choose "obtain an IP address automatically." Don't fill in anything else.

If this doesn't work for you, don't ask us questions! We are sorry we tried to help you figure out how to make AOL behave!! Leave us alone!!! Get a real ISP, already!!!!

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